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Welcome to Fiddlin' Whale Tours, a unique aquatic adventure located in Pleasant Bay, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

 Fiddlin' Whale Tours. Captain Stan MacKinnon adds music to the whale-watching mix, so you can enjoy his traditional Cape Breton fiddling as you scan the waves for whales  This may seem like a bizarre pairing, but apparently whales respond to the pitch and sometimes contribute their own songs. An on-board hydrophone helps you hear them.  The experienced of Captain. Stan has long been recognized in tourism circles throughout Nova Scotia for operating the most popular whale tour in Cape Breton!

Little wonder! The MacKinnons are fifth and sixth generation descendants of the first Scottish pioneers to settle this area. Their unique approach to whale watching has brought together the tradition of Celtic music and a matchless splendour of nature!

Fiddlin' Whale Tours and the Vessel 'Danny Lynn'
July 1nd to Sept. 1nd
10:00am, 12:00am, 2:00pm, 4:00pm
Ages 10 and under 

Musicians, especially violinists who share their musical talents, receive preferred discounts.

Some of our local tourism industry partners share packages which result in discounts of up to 25%. Group and family discounts are always negotiable. Seniors and veterans are respected with reduced fares (upon request).




Each Fiddlin' Whale Tour guest receives a free official and personalized whale-watcher certificate (suitable for framing) to take home as a souvenir and life-long record of the adventure!

"It is truly an amazing phenomenon of nature to listen and witness this social interaction betweeen humans and whales".