Guaranteed Whales Pleasant Bay, Nova Scotia.
formally Wesley's Whale Watching

Highland Dancer

This Cape Island style vessel is a 2 level passenger boat, bottom level is mostly covered from the elements, upper level (flying bridge) is open style, for pan-organic view, They have padded seats for a comfortable trip to the whales (unlike others with hard wooded seating). They concentrate sightings on the northern long fin pilot whales, which are the friendliest whales to watch, traveling in groups of 10 - 15 whales in a pod. They are formally known as Wesley's Whale Watching,

Guaranteed Whales, formally Wesley's Whale Watching
Close-up encounters with whales, for awesome photo opportunities, Knowledgeable and friendly staff, (seasick aids) if required. Hydrophone equipped to hear whales sing! Underwater camera, to watch whales under the water! .

ADULTS:     $39.00


KIDS 6 - 15 $19.00

KIDS 5 - 0   FREE




A real-life encounter with whales is an unforgettable experience, and with more than 16 species roaming the waters

pilot whales, Some of these whales are doing what is called Spy hopping (taking a look around), while others are just having a good time playing,